Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, November 25, 2013

Brooke 11.25.2013

Hello Family!!! This week was transfers... :( I was sad to see Sister Eckman go, but she will bless the lives of her future companions just like she has mine. My New Companion is Sister Paxton. She is from Bountiful Utah. She is really nice. I'm still in Brevard and it's FREEZING! It feels way colder than Utah. We are out of miles for the rest of the month, so we're on foot... in the cold. WOW. When I get off my mission, it's going to feel like summer time. I got invited to the McDowell's home for Thanksgiving! The sad thing is, they canceled because she didn't realize it was Thanksgiving. Oh, well... Wendy's it is. So, Sister Eckman and I started a new form of missionary work before she left... We call it Missionary Match Making!! We set up a young woman named Kate, who's in Asheville and she's getting baptized in December, with a less-active named Mason. Mason's family is in our branch, so we've heard stories about him. We set them up hoping they could strengthen each other and TA DA!!! They're going out and LOVING it!! I told them that when they get married, they have to name their first daughter Kimberly Brooke after Sister Eckman and I. :) YAY! Seriously! When I get back, I'm going to start the new program because it works... haha! We are meeting with Diego tonight and we are hoping to set a baptismal date with him. Last time he met with the missionaries, he was like, "how do you know when you're ready to be baptized?" Hooray! I love you more than the all the rain in a rainforest! Dad: You have such amazing life experiences, that of course people listen to you. It's just what they needed to hear. I really am going to write Aleece... I will do it as soon as I have any free time. Will you send my love to her? Would it be alright if I just sent her letter to you and you could get it to her? I don't know how mail works in prison... Mom: Nope, no stress relief yet, but I know I'll figure it out soon. :) So, kind of funny, you know that dark gray skirt you got me from Sister missionary mall? The zipper broke. :/ But, I've heard that anything you get from Sister Missionary mall has a 18 month warranty.. is that true? Because if so, I can send you both those skirts and they will replace them for free. :) Michael: You are seriously one of my heros. You and Kevin and Dad too. You all surprise me with how strong you are. You might drive me crazy sometimes, just like I do to you, but I really do love you. How's MiKayla? (however you spell her name. :)) Kevin: Of course you were sick! It seems like you are a lot. By the way, my new companion is named Sister Paxton and she's going to be your first date when she gets back. :):) She likes you AND Michael! haha! That's what you get for being so handsome! Auntie NaNa: Tell Heather to write me! :) This is Sister Paxton trying Frog Legs for the first time.
I encountered another crazed dog.
this is my decoration I got to put on my wall... HOMEY

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