Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, November 18, 2013

Brooke 11.18.2013

I went on exchanges this week to a place called Marion. It is super high up in the mountains and VERY cold. We were able to set a baptismal date with one of their investigators! Well, transfers came up, and I'm staying while Sister Eckman is leaving... she's going to be a Sister Training Leader!!! She's so great. Luckily, I'm not training, but I'm still super nervous about getting a new companion because she might be difficult. It's a stressful time. We found a family!! They live next to one of our Less actives, and it's a family of 5 and we're going to do FHE with them. Sister Eckman cut off her hair for locks of love too! I'm such a good influence. ;P I have the craziest hair ever!! When I wake up in the mornings, now that it's short, it sticks out in EVERY direction!! Next time, I'll take a picture. This might be a short email, but just know that it is written with love! This week, we also got fed 3 times!! WHOA! That's unheard of! The air here is cold... it seeps into your bones. When I get off my mission, it will be like summer time... almost, not quite. It's so cool that Mom got to have lunch with some people who's daughters know Erin! Small world! I still LLLOOOVVVVEEE Pday! It's my very favorite because I get to hear from my favorite people on earth! I love you more than the crystals on an iceburg! Mom: Haha! I love how you have a countdown on your phone! I miss Christmas music! Actually, I just miss music! I can't wait to buy some CD's so I can burn the music Dad sent to me! I will think of stuff for Christmas. Am I supposed to get all you something too?? I don't think I can swing that on a missionary budget. Dad: I think I know who you're talking about... And of course you mean so much to people! You make a huge difference in their lives. And, I'm glad you liked those Mormon messages...I know I did. Thank you so much for the talks from prophets you send... I really like them. You should read a book called, "the Infinite Atonement" by Tad R. Callister. LIFE CHANGING! Kevin: Isn't Dace just the BEST?? I love him, and I love you! If I absolutely love my companions, I'm going to tell them to write to you and also to Michael so we can be related someday. Haha... Just kidding! Michael: Wow, honestly, you kind of amaze me. Missions are hard, but you were still yourself and played with Legos. I will find something that I can be myself with... like Sea-monkeys... hahaha! Really though, You're so great! I love having Crazy brothers! (most of the time anyway... :P) Jen: Whoa! You wrote me! JK. You would be sick on Halloween. Typical. At least you know it will come again! Is my hair shorter than yours? It's crazy, but I figured that a mission was the best time to do it. NaNa: You are the best! I love hearing about Ol' LiLi. Did she get the letter I wrote to her? I sure hope so. Oreo's forever!! Haha, you would have Christmas up already! Nothing's changed there! :) Sister Echols, Sandy,Steve
Sister Echols, Veronica, Sister Eckman (Recent Convert)
Veronica, Sister Eckman, Melinda (Veronica's mom and Recent convert)
Elder Lynn, Sister Eckman, Elder LeSuer, Sister Brooke
Brevard North Carolina

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