Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, October 21, 2013

Erin 10/21/2013

Dear mom. They x-rayed it and I have fractures all on my ulna in my right arm. I see the orthopedic surgeon on Friday and I can’t wait. I haven’t slept more than 2 hours a night in a week. Shannon gave me medicine, now I sleep about 4 or five, my body shakes because I’m so exhausted. Sister Hixon gave me a sleeping pill and she let me sleep for 4 more hours in the day and she let me sleep in until 9 the next morning. It’s so nice to have a companion who takes pretty good care of me. Delyce is engaged? noooooooo! I wanted Michael to marry her so we could be related to the Downey’s… officially. She was our last hope. Oh well, I guess Michael or Kevin will have to marry Gracie. Haha just joking. Yes, Courtney got baptized. I’ve been out 2 months and had 10 baptisms and 3 on the way. Sis Hixon and I are the number 1 baptizing comps in the mission. Elder Evans of the 70 came and spoke to us. When he walked into the room, everyone went dead silent. He singled me out in a group of 120+ missionaries and asked how I was doing and just kept talking about my arm. Talk about intimidating!!!! During his whole talk, he kept talking about me and making me sound like a hero!! Afterwards, he pulled me aside, through his security and body guards, and he and I and President Harding had a 5 min conversation, just us. Alone, without Sis Hixon even. He really liked me. And loved my happy attitude despite my broken bone. It was soooo cool! How often does a general authority become your bff? Fall here is ok. Days are hot and nights are freezing and wet. Early in the morning, you can see your breath. The leaves are turning vibrant reds and oranges and area starting to fall. So sad, I don’t like the cold. All the youth here are getting their calls to Brazil and other exotic places, while an Elder Straub got called to Provo! Look for him and try to feed him. I’m so glad you’re getting better, I was really worried. I love you and can’t wait to see you in 16 looooong months! I love you and miss you like peanut butter loves its jelly! (Hello sister Echols, this is Sister Hixon, I just wanted to send a real quick THANK YOU for the goodies you included in sister Echols package for me. I especially love the envelope of quotes! That was very nice of you! anyway, I just love your daughter so much and love being her companion. and I'm trying to take care of her and her arm. I'm making her sleep! thanks again! -Sister Hixon) Elder Laws, Courtney, Sister Hixon, Sister Echols Fall Leaves Hair I did by myself: Brooke would be proud of me

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