Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, October 7, 2013

Erin 10/07/2013

I guess I'm getting Alzheimer’s a lot quicker than I thought. I think my memory is actually getting worse, because I can't even remember what our house looks like, or my clock. I also can't remember anything here, I'm totally lost all the time, and can't even remember how old I am. I'm sure there's a lot more I can't remember, but I probably can't remember what they are right now. I'll keep sending letters in the mail because I like writing more than typing. My fingers feel super awkward typing. So it sounds like Brooke is doing well, I'm glad she's doing great and loving her mission. Maybe I'll get transferred to Tennessee. She had a dream about me? Awwww, cute. I don't dream. I guess I'm just too tired for my brain to keep me entertained. That's how I feel too, there's no entertainment here... it’s just missionary work then missionary work then missionary work then some more missionary work. The only time I truly have fun is on p-days, I have to wait 6 loooooooooooooooong days for p-day to come. And even sometimes on p-days, my companion wants to go shopping, which is NOT fun. I also have fun at the Clarke's. They make me feel like I'm at home and I can finally relax when I'm around them. They're fun to be around and I feel like they actually care about me. I didn't get transferred... no one did in our district, we're all still here (except for sister Eley, she's headed to Taiwan tomorrow, and elder Holden, he's going home), thank goodness, because I LOVE our district. I feel like I've become super good friends with most of the people. I love you Mom, and I can't wait to come home in 17 months!!! I'm counting down!
Sister Aldous Sister Eley Sister Echols Sister Hixon
I drew faces on Sister Hixon's oranges
This is how ride our bikes at night. Glow sticks in our Helmets.

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