Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, October 21, 2013

Brooke 10/21/2013

This week was pretty uneventful. Sometimes as a missionary, it is super exciting, but then, it is super boring. Life of a missionary. We had Elder Corbridge from the 70 come speak to us and it was really intimidating. We kind of got chastised the whole time about not teaching the way we were supposed to. Oh, well. I really liked it though, I learned a lot. While we were there, a senior couple came up to me and they said, "Sister Echols, this is from your sister." and they gave me a big hug!!!! I got a hug from Erin!!!! I asked them to take a picture so they could give it to her and they did. It made my day! It's not funny that Erin broke her arm, but... SHE WOULD. :) Leave it to an Echols to grow a tumor in his foot, or have to get stitches in their thumb, or break their arm while on the mission. FUNNY STORY: We met a huge, super buff, tatooed, shirtless black guy who had music blasting when we knocked on his door. He came out and said, "hold on, I'm gonna go turn this off." Sister Eckman was like, "who's this artist" to me and I said, "I think it's Chris Brown." When he came back, Sister Eckman was like, 'Chris Brown? (and he looked confused) Do you like Chris Brown?" He said, "uh, ya." Sister Eckman was like, "So do we!" We talked to him for a few minutes and then we went our way. When we left, I was like, "Actually, that was NeYo." No wonder he looked confused! He must have thought that we were so dumb! CREEPY STORY: we have been meeting with one of our investigators for several weeks. He is in his 50's and he had a lot of great questions. One night, he called us and said that he was moving to NYC and that he was never interested in our message, but that he was interested in us! AAAH! Scary. We went hiking with Bonnie today in Pisgah National Forest. We hiked John Rock and I couldn't even get close to the edge because it looks like this ^---,___ It is a huge drop off. We ran into a Jehovah's witness who tried to Bible bash. It didn't work, because he said absolutely nothing to her. It was a one sided argument that she was losing. Haha. aaaaaaaaa! President Irion told me that he wants me to be a trainer as soon as I get done training. I'm not too excited because I hardly know what I'm doing... How can he expect me to show a new missionary the ropes? I'm freaking out over here. I don't know how well that will turn out. I love you more than the number of rings on a sequoia.Oh ya!! Here, in Transylvania County, EVERYONE is crazy about Halloween! I'm living in Halloween town!
We got to hike John Rock
Sister Eckman and I
BMX biking in Proselyting clothes

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