Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, October 7, 2013

Brooke 10/07/2013

This week has been so weird! Every week, we work at a place that feeds homeless people. When a certain guy walked in, two men ran over to Sister Eckman and me and just stood in front of us. We had no idea what was going on because you never leave your station. We were later told that that guy was a raper and that everyone in the building was looking out for us. It was intense. General Conference was so good! Also, we found a family of 7 to teach! We were walking around when the school bus showed up and 3 kids got off. They started talking to us and we told them that we teach people about Jesus. They then went home. Later, we were walking down the street and their mom pulled up. The kids told her about us and the little 7 year old boy yelled, "I really wish I could learn about Jesus!" His mom told him to go get us. The kids ran over and we taught their family. It was pretty cool. They have so many snakes here... mostly rattle snakes. I thought those were a western thing. Haha, I kicked a dog this week because it was violent. It then turned into a pansy. We met a guy who asked us if we were allowed to watch football. We told him that as missionaries, we don't do it while on missions. He was like, "What?!?! Jesus watches football after church on Sundays! I'm sure of it!" That was the quote of the week. Something's going on at our apartment because we keep getting cop patrols. People here call cops "polos." and they always say, "he was fixin'." I'm not sure what that means. Wow, being a missionary is expensive. I have to even pay to use this computer. Yikes. I'm going to go broke before I get back. We got the transfer call this weekend... I'm staying in Brevard with Sister Eckman for at least another 6 weeks. I feel like I've met everybody here already. We go to the store and I recognize most of the people there. It is such a small town. We had zone conference last week and I was asked to speak. I spoke on Patience (I know, right?) and everyone said I did a good job. Questionable. Blech, the smell of alcohol and cigarettes is nasty. I really don't like it. Hahaha! Erin is losing weight and I've gained 2 pounds. (I’m just going to claim that it's all muscle.) How weird! I am officially a cross country runner. We run at least 2 miles every day. It doesn't mean that I necessarily like it, but I could run 2 miles if I ever had to. Also, my arms are pretty buff from living in the country... we do a ton of service. Last night, I had a dream that Joseph Smith invited us over for dinner!!! I wish it was real. Wow, I really like seeing pictures from people. I feel so out of the loop as a missionary. Someone asked us if we lived under a rock because we hadn't heard about the tropical storm that came in today. Practically. I heard a normal song the other day (it wasn't country) and it was 'I knew you were trouble' by Taylor swift! We have been meeting with a less-active named Jeremiah since I've been here and he watched a session of Conference and received an answer to one of his questions! Yaya! I love you all more than the number of crazy people there are in the south! Dad: I saw a cherry red triumph spitfire convertible this week and I thought it was you at first. But then I realized that the car wasn't done yet.
I'm Almost Home!
Practically a Clear Morning
A lot less fog than usual

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