Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, October 28, 2013

Brooke 10/28/2013

What a crazy week... We got snow! Not a good snow, but a wet, heavy, slippery snow. The bad thing, is that the roads have to be perfectly clear to use the car. Looks like we're gonna be walking quite a bit. Good thing I bought a pair of fleece lined tights! The Senior Sister missionary who gave me a hug was Sister Beckwith from Erin's mission. I don't know why she was up here, prolly because Elder Corbridge came to speak to us? We went to the Halloween Festival they have here! We talked to about 15 people, so it was pretty productive. Also, our friend Marcus was the DJ and he was busting some tunes. A teen boy started to break dance, so the hundreds of people cleared a circle for him. It was the song Thriller by MJ. I was wearing my skirt and stuff, and I went into the circle too. I started to glide and the people went NUTS. They started screaming and cheering. I only did it for a few seconds, but it made people realize that Mormon missionaries are normal people. It was so much fun! We didn't have any appointments this week, but we just stopped by a ton of people's houses. While we were at the Halloween Festival, we met a guy named Sammy. As it turns out, he's been trying to win a ticket to go see MoTab for years! Sister Eckman's uncle is in it, so she is going to try to get him a ticket. He was so happy that he didn't have words. We are going to see him on Friday. I haven't gotten my package yet, but that's Ok. I'm sure I will get it on November 14th. I got a letter that was sent back in August. People run on Mountain time here. I have some bad news, we had a whole new batch of missionaries come in on Oct 9th, and I'm still the youngest sister. Ha! Several weeks ago, we ran into a group of HS kids on the sidewalk. We talked to them and gave away a few BOMs. Last week, one of the girls came up to us and was like, "me and my mom have been reading that book you gave me every night with the bible." We went and taught them and it was awesome! They are so open and ready! We are going to see them again soon! Wow, I feel kind of trunky... and I've only been out 2.5 months. Yikes. Yesterday, we had food at the Beckett's house! Halleluyah! Their son got back from his mission less than 2 years ago, and he's inactive. When ever we are at their house, he usually disappears, but yesterday, he hung around and we got him talking about his mission. About 2 weeks ago, we invited him to eat dinner with us with an investigator and he actually came! We talked to his mom yesterday and she told us that it made him more positive for the whole week. After dinner, his mom told us that he is starting to be happier. It was so good for him! They taught me some crazy phrases like, "more than you can shake a stick at, water under the bridge, bury the hatchet, scrootching, and baggon baggon." I taught them, "just a few fries short of a happy meal, and he's all that and a bag of chips." They thought I was crazy. :) I hope you have a great week, and I love you more than all the rings on Saturn! Kevin: The work is progressing slowly. People here have very screwed views of Mormons. We have had a lot of run-ins with crazy people. We still only have one investigator who's going to be baptized. I have handsome brothers. Do you still like your job? Michael: Thanks for your advice. I'm trying really hard, but it's not easy. Oh! I have a picture of you on my camera from Rexburg, and one of the girls here thinks you're cute! What a stud muffin you are! How's work going? Mom: How was your church experience? Did people try to stop and talk to you? Or were you able to make it out undetected? Can you use your Sentsy Warmer? Or does it bother you? I bet you are excited for the Olympics next year, huh? :) Love ya! I will write Heather as soon as I can. Dad: I'm glad that I got to chat with you for a second! It made my day! Thanks for the President Hinckley quote... it makes a lot of sense. I saw a guy on Saturday that had your same hair! (at least what's left of it anyway. :) HAHAHAHAHA) Just because I'm 3 thousand miles away, doesn't mean that I can't still tease you. Love you! Tell Raquel that I love her! Jen: Dace is going to be the cutest Link ever! Do you like the Tarheels by any chance? How was your week?
we have a hard time getting through to people because half of them are zombies
This is what fall looked like 30 mins away from us.(The leaf colors where I am are really dull, so the picture of the leaves is from a place called Sapphire)
we found this little guy in our room
I kept looking at Sister B Echols when we visited the TKM and said to myself, "I know I've seen her,WHERE have I seen her?" As she left the cultural hall, it popped into my mind--she (well someone who looked just like her) knocked on our door in Peachtree City, expecting a non-member and found senior missionaries!'s her TWIN!!! I forgot that Sister E Echols said that Sister B Echols was in the TKM! so here ya' go girls, a pic of a twin with a twin. (my twin is fraternal) I'm pretty sure, I saw a little tear in Sister B Echols eyes when I told her that this hug was from her twin sister! You BOTH glow!!! God bless you both! What a great work you're doing in the SOUTH! Sister B Echols, did you meet our neighbor Elder Brooks before he left for Brazil from your mission as a visa waiter???. (I wanted you to meet him, because after your mission who knows? Maybe you could be Brooke Brooks -- JK. that's BAD of me, huh?) Love and Blessings, Sister B ~Elder Wendell and Sister Cathryn Beck with Brooke

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