Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, September 9, 2013

Erin 9.9.2013

Dear mom, That storm sounds AMAZING! So cool!!! I can't wait to see pictures. Though I'm glad you're still safe from it. Did it come from the south east? Because it could have. We had a MAJOR storm last week where streets were flooding and lighting lit up like the fourth of July. And yep... We were still on our bikes. I have never realized how much I hate being wet unless I'm in a pool. I found out a few reasons why missionaries can't go swimming: immodesty, not wearing garments, Satan has power over the bodies of water (He rides the back of the waves waiting for somebody to slip into his grasp). Scary, Huh? We live in an apartment with the other sisters. We only stayed in a member's house for that first night. But it's a slumber party in our apartment. I am the designated chef. It breaks my heart when people slam the doors in my face because 1. it REALLY hurts my feelings and 2. they don't know that they are rejecting the true church. It makes me super sad and gets me down. I'm 1 week into my mission and I still have 77 weeks to go. I hope you DO recover fully from your surgery. I want to see pictures. :D Mom, I do like to eat, but we just don't have time(and it's expensive out here). We get to eat cereal in the morning, pb&j for lunch but then we don't get home until 9 or 9:30 and then it's too late. We can't just come home for an hour to eat at dinner time because we live miles away from out area (so we'd be spending that hour just traveling to and fro). And it's hard to carry food with you because it's all the extra weight on your back and shoulders. But... I GOT A BACKPACK!!!! Best 15 dollars ever spent. I'm so grateful for it. We did get to eat today. It's pday and I made fiesta-cheesy chicken for all my roomies. They LOVED it. The only time we really do eat around here is when members feed us; which is never. But there are left overs so I'll be eating it again for tonight. I really do love riding the bike. I don't know how I'd cope with all this missionary/800% spiritual/ non-stop work we'd be doing if I didn't get to ride a bike. It gives me time to think and to get my heart rate up. It just feels good having the air blow against you and getting to ride up and down the hills. I'm super buff (at least my legs are) and I love the exercise. By the time we get to our area where we rode our bikes, we have squished bugs on your face because it's so buggy here and your hair and clothes are soaked because it's so muggy here too. The humidity/sweat beads up on your skin. And at night it's gets freezing here so if you're uncovered, those beads of moisture turn to ice, and you have ice balls on your skin. So even in the evening, we need to go to bed wearing long sleeves, no matter how hot you are, so you don't get ice build up. I'm sending you a verrrrrry looooong letter in the mail sometime this week, so keep an eye out for it... you'll love the envelope I made you. I LOVE YOU MAMA! I hope you recover quickly from your surgery. Love, Erin

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