Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, September 30, 2013

Erin Letter and Photos 9/30/2013

Mum, Well, Annie and her kids asked me to speak at their baptism. Wow! and President Harding is going to be there...and Bishop Corbridge, and the ward, and tons of other pressure. I'm speaking on baptism and I am absolutely TERRIFIED! Sister Hixon is going to play the piano, but I'm so totally scared! Wow Mom...I've been out for 3 weeks and I was made a trainer. I'm training Sister Green who is from Orem too and she went to Timpanogus. I've been out 3 weeks and I can barely manage all this with what's going on and now I'm a trainer! Stressful!! I don't know how much longer I can handle this stress. I'm dying. Oh my Gosh!!!! I was on exchanges or whatever with Sister Green and I was the Senior Comp. We were having a 'crappy' day and none of our appointments were opening their we decided to go to the Library to make some phone calls. When we were headed to our next appointment, we had to cross the street to go where we needed to's a busy street like Center Street but at 45 mph. I thought about crossing and I got the thought to not. So I walked about 20 feet in the opposite direction. I turned around when I heard tires screeching and 2 cars got in a head-on collision!!!!! Shrapnel was flying past our heads. Once I saw the crash I instantly took off running towards it; I didn't have a second thought. I was the 1st on the scene and I ran towards the 1st car. The guy jumped out and he instantly grabbed me. He was in major shock. I set him on the ground and immediately started to aide his wounds. Before I knew it, both he and I were covered in blood. I couldn't tell where the blood was coming from. When the ambulance guys came they took over. Thank goodness! The other guy cut up his face and both cars were obliterated. I gave both my witness testimony and my church testimony. I taught 16 different lessons that day and I realized that everyone at the scene was huddled around me. I was so calm and speaking with the spirit that everyone was Mesmerized. The EMT'S checked me out to see my level of shock and they were amazed that I was so calm and preaching about God.
I gave my talk at the baptism and everyone loved it! President and Sister Harding said they've never heard a missionary give a talk that was 'so from the heart'. They both came and talked to me for a long time afterwards. The baptism was stupendous...the spirit was just radiating from the Jones (Annie & her kids).Annie started to cry afterwards because she was just so happy.
I can't believe it actually happened. President Harding couldn't believe my miracle story about the car accident! He told me that he see's more potential in me that he's seen in any other missionary. He says that God has a GREAT future planned for me...Whoa. I'll try to send at LEAST one letter every 2 weeks because we're only allowed to write for 30 mins. on p-day. And it's hard to write and email both. But I'll do my best! Shannon Clarke's the RS President and she's my substitute mom. She takes care of us, and I really like her...a lot. Annie's foster daughter, Courtney, is getting baptized too! We're working with her and preparing her, but the Lord has already prepared her enough. I love you!!! Love Erin My hair is getting super long. I cut an inch off yesterday and it still goes half way down my back. I would get it cut, but a cheap hair cut is 20 dollars and a carwash is 11. Things are super expensive here. And plus, it's a ton easier to pull my hair back to keep it from poofing in my face than to have it short and be able to do nothing with it. I'm so tan. But my tan is fading because the weather is starting to get really cold and we have to wear coats in the day. So my skin rarely sees the sun anymore. It rains here a ton too. It's more wet than it is dry. The south is great, but I could never live here! We got fed this week! The Matheny family had us over for dinner on Weds. Yay! A free meal! I've lost weight! I'm normally 109ish and now I'm 106. But my face looks chubby, weird, I can't explain it. I think it's because the lack of nutrients. All we eat is chicken and bread and occasionally someone will bring us a cookie. I don't eat any vegetables, and I CRAVE them!! I can't tell you how much I miss your cooking. And the chance to go to the pantry for a snack. I eat a lot of bread because when I'm hungry, and I always am, I go eat a piece of bread. I spoiled myself and bought a box of poptarts. HUZZAH! They tasted glorious. They were off brand and super cheap, they tasted like sawdust mixed with strawberry jelly, but they were oh so good.
The Pole where I was standing.
The Crime Scene

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