Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, September 23, 2013

Brooke 9/23/2013

Dear Family, This week was an interesting one (difficult as usual.) Well, I've survived my first month here... I'm not sure I can say that for the next 17. ;P I've decided that I don't like animals... I have a pure breed blue something pitbull attack me out of love, but it ripped my heavy duty gray skirt and scraped up my leg. I'm just glad that I was wearing my heavy duty skirt, because if I was wearing one of the others, it would have been shredded to bits. A man named Jeremiah who we're teaching told me that the U of U beat BYU! Yay! I like both teams... Sister Eckman is a BYU fan and I was rooting for the U, so we had a little rivalry going on and I won! It was funny. I've decided that I miss the MTC. It was sure nice to have 3 hot meals a day prepared for you. Yesterday, it rained so hard... I couldn't have been more wet. Just yesterday's rain was what Utah gets in a year. WOW. I love attaching pictures, so plan on getting some every week... unless I forget to bring my cord to the library. How did grandma's roofing go? Did you get it done? How was the big September 21? I hope you ate some pie for me! The culture here is wierd. It is polite to accept anything offered to you... no matter what it is. Also, it is good manners to have your elbows on the table because it shows that you're enjoying yourself and relaxed. some people. I learned that Brevard only has 7 thousand people! It's so tiny! It is kind of hard to understand people here when they speak. Most of them have the southern drawlllll mixed with an alcohol slurrrr. I sure hope you all had a good week! I still say that Pday is the best day of the week... because I get to wear pants for a little bit. We taught a family with a baptismal date the Word of Wisdom... yikes. It did not go too well. They were saying things like, "well, there's other kinds of baptism that don't make us give up tea." Ahh! This is the only true church! I sometimes wish that I could make some people's decisions for them. Then, they would be on the right path. :) I'm kind of looking forward to winter, so that mosquitos will die, and then I won't be so itchy. Haha. I've noticed that the average spider here is the size of a quarter if it didn't have legs. That's just the bum part. They are huge! The bugs are big, and the people are big. Welcome to the south. They have a bank here that's called the Fifth Third bank... I don't even know. Also, there is no speed limit here. You can drive however fast you want. Strange! So what area is Erin in? Is it still in Georgia? I got a letter this week from an elder Kunz from my district in the MTC. It was pretty funny and surprising to get a letter from him. He's in Calgary Canada. For sure I need to buy some rainboots, a super sturdy umbrella, and leggings. It is really wet here. Jen: How's Dace Face? Has he learned any new words? I love that he typed me a letter... he's so grown up. Are you still working at EEI? How do Richard and Diana like the basement? Mom: I'm so glad that your nose is getting better! I look forward to getting your letter sometime! Thank you mom and dad for teaching me how to work when I was little. If I hadn't learned it, I would not be able to stay on a mission, being as hard as it is. Thanks.... I have the meanest parents in the world. I love you all more than the number of particles of fog there are in the mornings here! Make sure you write Erin and send her letters too! (Do her before me, so you can make sure she gets something whether it's a letter, or an email.)
This is a swimming spider... a small one with Elder Swapp's finger
What a sad looking dog

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