Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Brooke 9.22.2013

This week was crazy... I went on an exchange to an Indian reservation called Cherokee. While I was there, I taught a woman in Spanish! WHAT! I sure hope you like my pictures... they are kind of weird. P-day is for sure the best part of the week. I love getting emails! Did the post office lose a letter of mine? I don't think I sent one this week. (I have only about maybe 30 minutes a week to write anything because my companion doesn't really like writing letters.) It makes me sad. I could spend my whole Pday writing letters, but I never have time. I really have to write fast emails because she limits time on that too. Oh, well. It's not forever. I really miss Erin. I want to send her a love letter, but I don't know if I'm allowed to. I don't know how I can make her feel better from here. I wish I knew. We now have 6 investigators with a baptismal date and we're leading the zone! I'm so tired that I actually fell asleep when Sister Eckman was saying our closing prayer. I'm not going to lie, being a missionary is a very hard thing for me. I'm so out of my comfort zone 24/7. I feel like being a missionary isn't something you get used to. 18 months is going to last forever. I never knew how much I would miss being around people with a crazy sense of humor. Don't get me wrong, crazy is normal here, but having a sense of humor isn't. I feel like I'm being corrected in every aspect of my life all the time. What a weird thing... I thought I was near perfect already.:) You'd think with the seasons changing, that the humidity would go down, but Guess again! It's still as humid as ever! Did I tell you about my spider bite? This week, I felt something making my leg feel like it was on fire. I look down and I saw a welt the size of an egg on my leg. It was burning. It felt better after a day, but it itches like there's no tomorrow. Now, I have a pretty scar on my right leg. Oh well... what's being a soldier for the Lord without a few battle wounds? Have the leaves started changing color yet? I'm officially the haircutter for our district. I wouldn't have thought that a sister could cut an elder's hair, but our mission president is fine with it. WEIRD. I never would have that that would be be allowed. hmmmmmm. I got a letter from Bishop and Sister Paulsen. They sent me an update on what the ward is up to. I guess Parker got to go through the temple...yay! I really look forward to hearing from you next week! I love you more than the number of roadkill there is on the road! Mom: I'm so glad that your nose is getting better! I told you that you should have done it while Erin and I were there to help you... you sneaky mom! Have you started bruising yet? Most people would love the fact that they don't have to work for a while, but not you! :) Work really is a blessing. Love me some Dace Face! Dad: That's great that the Spitfire is so far along! Can you just sandblast the differential? I'm glad that Mikayla got baptized! Did you finish that project at work, or is it still going on? Kevin: It's awesome that you like your job so far. Speaking of wet sponges... if you leave a sponge outside here for a few hours in the dark, it will be soaking wet. HUMID! What does a caveman call a jedi with a hot flash? Luke warm. I made that up myself! Michael: You're back home already? Wow! I hope you get a great job. Do you think you'll go back to EEI? What's the plan? I've been working on my Spanish, but it still makes me nervous to use it. Do you miss Rexburg? Jen: What's the next project on your house? Any plans yet? How are Brian and Dace? Is Diana exhausted from his energy? I have been looking for a Titan's jersey, but I have absolutely no time to do any shopping or anything. Besides, where I am now, there aren't even cool stores. I will look some more when I am transferred to a more populated area. I will find you one eventually!
Huge Hair from all the Humidity

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