Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

ERIN'S 1st Letter 8.20.2013

Dear Mom, This is Really hard. Everyone here is so spiritual and they always know exactly what to say, so I definitely don’t fit in. My 1st companion is almost 23. She doesn’t like fruit or sports so I know we’ll get along great. :-( I have 5 pretty cool roommates. I’m roomies with Sister, Nielson, States, Badham, and Brough (sounds like ruff). Three of them are my favorites because they’re way fun to be around, but they’re all going to Boston.They’re super funny This is waaaay different than I expected. It’s about 1000x harder. You are constantly in class and don’t have time to breath. I feel like I’m not spiritual enough because when we are talking about Lehi having to go into the wilderness to save his family’s lives, I start daydreaming about going on a safari on the great plains of Africa… Yep… I’m ADD. I HAVE A TUTOR!! He’s my other companion ( I know, he’s a guy (an old old old one). But he is my companion every morning….just me and him, alone). He’s helping me with my reading and vocab words. You know how bad I am at both. But I think it’ll really help me. We meet in the mornings, alone in a classroom. It’s amazing! I didn’t even ask for help, he found me and interviewed me. Then he asked if I wanted extra help even though I passed the interview (it’s because I’m a really good guesser, so I guessed on the quiz). His name is Elder Boice. They stuff you so full of doctrine that ‘gospel’ literally gushes out of your ears. It’s definitely not easy for me because it’s 800% spirituality all the time and we don’t have any time for anything fun. ..seriously. We have done one thing fun so far, and that was ‘2 truths & a lie” with our district because our teacher forgot to come to class. There’s 40 missionaries going to Atlanta. 950 new missionaries showed up on weds. Wow! Our first day at the MTC, the president had Brooke and I stand up in front of everyone (all 950) because he was thrilled that TWINS came together. I love seeing her throughout the day. I’m the youngest sister going to Atlanta by over 6 months so a couple people call me the Baby of the group. Love Erin (Oh wait…Erin doesn’t exist. I’m now SISTER ECHOLS) P.S. The food here isn’t as good as everyone says. I was eating a sausage and all of a sudden a neon blue ball fell out… it oozed its way through the mystery meat chunks. The food is interesting. I ate chicken fried steak and it tasted like gasoline. But… Dun Dun Dun! There’s unlimited fresh cut pineapple !!! I haven’t missed a meal yet without getting an over flowing bowl of deliciousness. P.S. P.S. I’ve seen Seth Warnick, Jessica Kirkby, and 2 other friends here. Dad I miss your goofy singing/dancing.

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