Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Erin 8.27.2013

Dear Mum, We FINALLY got P-day!! (Weds.) I got to dress like a semi-normal person. And…Dun dun dun… I even did a backflip. My band aid tape came off my belly  but, it was too early because I’ve been super sore the last few days. There’s even a big stitch sticking out of my belly button and I can’t pull it out. (Dr. at the MTC said to leave it alone). We all went to the temple and I was extremely nervous to go again. But I actually loved it! The new movie is incredible. So Mom, go see it. It’s really good. Since I can’t watch movies or listen to music or do anything run to relieve stress; I discovered that peeling oranges helps. You get all your frustration out on shredding the peel, but then afterword’s you get to eat something delicious. Let’s just say that I’ve eaten a LOT of oranges in the last week. To your question “Do you get to talk with Brooke a lot”? My answer is yes/no. Yes because we talk for a few minutes each time we see each other. No because it’s not nearly enough; I could easily talk with her for hours and hours and hours. I had no idea all this spiritual overload would be so exhausting. When I walk to class I look like a zombie. There are 12 new missionaries in our zone going to Uganda- English speaking. Wow! (She drew a picture of a sleep walker) We have tons of choices for all the meals. Usually 2-3 entrée’s but sometimes 1. The only choice one night was cod nuggets, so I made a delicious PB&J with a banana and chocolate milk. Oh Boy did that make me feel like a kid again. I LOVE YOU! Love Erin (sorella Echols) PS I now leave at 3:30am. PSS I perfected my no-handed loud whistle! Mom, I got detention…yep, the MTC hasn’t changed Me.  Good thing too. I was being a rebel and put my bag in the NO BAG Zone….actually I had no idea there was a rule!

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  1. Wow, so fun! Seems like there's lots of ways to get detention. : ) What an awesome girl, though! She'll do great. Loved the orange peeling as a stress reliever. My kids don't believe me, but weed-pulling works, too - except that in their case, that's the cause of their stress. They sound wonderful! Well done, Mom and Dad Echols.