Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Brooke's first Email 8.20.2013

Mommy! I got the cinnamon rolls you gave me.... yummy! But I couldn't eat all of them, so I shared them with the missionaries in my district. I also got the letters you sent me. One of them you sent twice, but I think that's because you forgot to change the mission from Georgia to Tennessee. :) I don't mind. We had Biscuits and gravy for breakfast... So good! I got my nametags today! They were printed wrong, so I've been without a permanent nametag for the last week. I went to the temple today and saw the new film. It was amazing! Also, I taught an investigator named Kaitlyn and she agreed to come to church with me on sunday and i got her to pray while I was there. Huge improvement! The MTC is super busy, and it always smells like soap, onions, and hand sanitizer. I'll write to you next week!

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