Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Erin 8.27.2013

8.20.2013 Dear Mom, Right now I’m awake at 5:30 AM because my companion wanted to do some yoga, and she wanted to go outside of the room, so I had to go with her. I try HARD to love her. Things are extremely hard here. I had a teacher interrogate me on “why I have a really hard time recognizing the spirit” in front of the class. All she could ask was, “well, why can’t you? Why? Why? It’s not hard. Why?” And let me tell you….that REALLY made me feel like a bad missionary. – Because I’m not spiritual enough. I really like the people in my district, we could all be great friends, but wherever we start to have fun, we get in trouble from the 2 sisters going to Atlanta. All the fun missionaries are going to Boston (Nielson, States & Badham). We taught our first fake investigator and I was terrifies. It was frustrating because anytime I’d start to speak, my companion would cut me off and go way off the lesson plan. I’m so scared to teach real investigators. I think I have an ingrown toenail because I can’t even touch my toe to see what makes it hurt. It’s also really painful when I walk. But I don’t know how to make it better because I’ve never had something like this before. Best meal so far: Biscuits and Gravy! With Pineapple! I have a really hard time with how hard everything is. No fun, 900% spiritual, 14 ½ hrs. Studying/class, 4-6 hrs. sleep. I love and miss you Mom. Love Erin P.S. Thanks for the mail, I really appreciate it. I loved the Cinnamon rolls! P.S. Some rules I struggle with are: 900% spirituality, introducing myself as “Sister Echols” instead of “Erin”, and not calling people you guys”. I don’t know why that’s a rule, but it’s hard. How do you know ‘I can do great things’? I can barely keep up with everything that’s going on…. My flight itinerary: Delta Air Lines Flight 1524 Leave SLC @ 8:30 AM August 27, 2013 Arrive Atlanta @ 2:16 PM August 27, 2013 You might get my phone call @ 4:30 AM, Or somewhere from 4:30-8:00 AM.

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