Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


As the girls Mother....I am so excited and so terrified of where they will be sent. I hope they get to go foreign for some different culture experiences,(and that is where they want to go), but at the same time that terrifies me. I haven't even gone anywhere foreign except Canada and barely just inside of Mexico. Part of me wants them to be in the USA as it is soooooo much closer to me if "Heaven forbid", anything should happen to either one of them. I can be there quickly if needed. When Michael got his call....I was terrified as well. Must be a Mother thing. And such relief when he was called state side to Independence Missouri. It seems to me that it was a little easier to let him go away from home for two years. I am having a little harder time sending my girls away. Wherever they go, I will be supportive. I have made my guesses and it will be fun to see where they go, and even if they get to go to the same place as some twins have done. Best of Luck my beautiful girls. We will know in two to four weeks where it shall be!

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